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Below are thumbnails for the COMPASS Alternative Center, along with the base file name of each. Click on any one of them and you will be presented with links to download the jpg, pdf, eps, or png version of the file.

You may access the Linn Mar Graphic Standards Manual for usage guidelines.


Compass Horizontal 2-Line 2C

Compass Horizontal 2-Line K

Compass Horizontal 2-Line Nobox Gray

Compass Horizontal 2-Line Nobox Rev

Compass Vertical 2-Line 2C

Compass Vertical 2-Line K

Compass Vertical 2-Line Nobox Gray

Compass Vertical 2-Line Nobox Rev


Compass Horizontal 2-Line Gray

Compass Horizontal 2-Line Nobox 2C

Compass Horizontal 2-Line Nobox K

Compass Horizontal 2-Line Rev

Compass Vertical 2-Line Gray

Compass Vertical 2-Line Nobox 2C

Compass Vertical 2-Line Nobox K

Compass Vertical 2-Line Rev


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